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Madagascar: Land Of The Man-Eating Tree By Chase Osborn

Trade Paperback (8.5" x 11") - 124 pps. - HEL5871 - ISBN13: 978-1930658-71-4

Madagascar: Land of the Man-Eating Tree presents the facts, myths, and legends of Madagascar as viewed by a former governor of Michigan. Learn about cultures and creatures, pirates and castaways, and the interesting scientific and political beliefs of a highly educated and well traveled author of the 1920s.

Originally published in 1924, this unabridged edition retains every word of the first printing in reset text, along with all the original maps and photos. Madagascar: Land of the Man-Eating Tree is now available in PDF from,, and and

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Lester Dent's Zeppelin Tales

By Lester Dent
Stories From The Zeppelin Age!
Edited By Matthew Goodman. Introduction By Will Murray. Cover By Chris Appel.
154 pps. Crown-size Trade Paperback Format (7.44" x 9.69") - HEL5820 - ISBN: 1-93065820-6 - $29.95

Lester Dent penned many pulp adventures before he created Doc Savage in 1933 under the house name Kenneth Robeson. Lester Dent's Zeppelin Tales collects five airship-themed stories published from 1930 to 1932, and includes material restored from Dent's original manuscripts!

"Zeppelin Bait": Jed Day, American Great War flyer, is framed for spying for a notorious German Zeppelin Captain! Originally published in the October 1932 issue of Sky Birds.

"Blackbeard's Spectre": Zeppelin pirates steal the passenger dirigible City of Oakland before its maiden flight to Japan! One of Dent's first published works, it originally appeared as "The Thirteen Million Dollar Robbery" in the March 1930 issue of The Popular Magazine.

"Peril's Domain": Bill Kirgan battles a pirate band on a Zeppelin en route to the Arctic! Originally published under the title "The Frozen Flight" in the February 1931 issue of Air Stories.

"Helene Was A Cannibal": What menaces the flight of Germany's newest Zeppelin, the Vaterland? Originally published as "Teeth of Revenge" in the May 1931 issue of Scotland Yard.

"A Billion Gold!": A private dick gets mixed up in a Zeppelin-sized scheme in New York City! Originally published as "One Billion-Gold!" in the June 1931 issue of Scotland Yard.

Lester Dent's Zeppelin Tales is nearly 100,000 words of pulpy goodness! It should be available from most online booksellers shortly (it is currently listed with and, and you can special order it from your local bookshop: just tell them it is available from Ingram or Baker & Taylor in the US or Blackwell's or Bertram's in the UK.

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